Elizabeth Bourdon, Membre de l’Ordre des Architectes 1987
Isabelle Leblanc, Membre de l’Ordre des Architectes 1993

Established in Magog, Bourdon I Leblanc have designed residences in the Eastern Townships since 1997. Attentive to our client’s requirements and expectations, we offer answers that respond to their needs and produce spaces that are both unique and personal.

Each project is approached with an overview of several relevant factors such as: site topography and orientation, daylight, views, desired spatial and functional qualities, the proposed budget ... Our approach is based on developing buildings that integrate thoughtfully with the environment. Every design process begins with careful consideration of site intervention context.

Whether it be new construction, additions, renovations or the conversion of existing spaces for new uses, our approach is to generate enveloping interior space, while remaining open to the landscape. Bourdon I Leblanc’s expertise is a guarantee of efficient and sustainable construction. The use of healthy and environmentally friendly materials with proven track records is given preference. Depending on your needs, we can work on a specific stage of your project or will accompany you towards full project realization.

Beyond residential buildings, Bourdon I Leblanc’s main achievements include several institutional projects such as hospitals for the Ministry of Health, Centers for Early Childhood for the Ministry of Family Affairs as well as professional offices.Our Clients are always willing to lend their names to referral and often refer us to their friends.

Paré Larochelle Lac Massawippi, Boisvert Lac Memphrémagog, Nadeau Georgeville, Blanchard Lac Stukely, Desrochers Collette Lac Memphrémagog, Jenny Eastman, L’Écuyer Chemin des Pères, Kang Georgeville, Roy Canton de Stanstead, Pradella Magog, Simard Canton de Magog, Bussières Hermitage, Breton Canton de Magog, Leblanc Chiasson Lac Massawippi, Bissonnette Austin, Maréchal Les Éboulements, Boissonneault Dubois Orford sur le Lac, Benoit Austin, Desrosiers O’Meara Lac Memphrémagog, Fortier, Fontaine Ouellet Canton de Magog, Savard Chemin Georgeville, Boivin Décarie Pointe Gibraltar, Crevier Chemin des Pères, Goulet Austin, Simard Hermitage, Marchand Canton de Magog, Marin, Lemire Ogden, Gauthier Canton de Magog, Gosselin Pointe Drummond, Larochelle Fréchette Lac Memphrémagog, Rheault, Hébert Canton de Magog, Biasutti Lac Memphrémagog, Labelle, Carrière Lac Massawippi, Fortier Landry Lac Memphrémagog, Blain Lac Memphrémagog, Savard Plante Lac Memphrémagog, Plante Lac Memphrémagog, Henrichon Magog, Quevillon Chérive, Morasse Robitaille Waterloo, Bernier Croteau Canton de Magog, Plessis-Bélair Canton de Magog, Bergeron Lac Orford, Anthony Lac memphrémagog, Simonetta, Valiquette Chemin Georgeville, Benoit Canton de Magog, Couët Owl’s Head, Bernier Austin, Lespérance Canton de Stanstead, Simoneau Canton de Magog, Gobeil Lac memphrémagog, Chamberland Canton de Magog, Hopps Austin, Bouvier, Abraham Ogden, Boudreau Brompton, Bissonnette Austin, Nicole, Plante Canton de Magog, Savard Chemin Georgeville, Richard Canton de Magog, Delisle Austin, Noël Chemin des Pères, Patry Canton de Magog, Brassard Canton de Magog, Gratton Orford, Racine Lac Memphrémagog, Thibault Orford, Choquette Magog, Lajeunesse Canton de Magog, Mailhot Fitch Bay.